Neither Bureau began as a place for me to collect and develop typographic designs initiated over at Neithercorp.

When a project’s custom type work proves sufficiently interesting, there is often the urge to expand it into a more developed typeface. If the time is available and the interest sustained, it may appear here in the form of an actual, usable font.

If you’re interested in updates and the like, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. And you’re always welcome to get in touch the old-fashioned way.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Shaw

Feedback & Support

If you have a suggestion, run across a mistake or just want to say hi, you can find me at the contacts above. I’ll try to help out if you have a problem, but beyond that I can’t offer any kind of ongoing support.

While I work to ensure that the font packages are clean, functional and at least vaguely competent, they might not be perfect. As such, the downloads are made available ‘as is’ and without any assurances. The license spells this out more verbosely if that’s what you prefer.


Basically, unless otherwise specified, the fonts available here are free to be used for both private and commercial purposes as per the SIL Open Font License. There’s a copy on the license page and included in each font package.

Just please don’t go reselling them or claiming them as your own creation. Also, if you can find a place to credit Neither Bureau where you use these fonts, that’d be great. Not required, but a nice thing to do.